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St Mary Troop 512 Kenosha Wisconsin

Current Troop Youth Leadership (November 1 2017 - May 1 2018)

Troop Youth Leadership Elections are held in October and April each year. Terms of office run from November 1 through April and May 1 through October.

NOTE:Rank listed is Scout’s rank at the time of election.

 Position  Scout  Rank
Senior Patrol Leader  Matt D.  Life
Asst. Senior Patrol Leader  Nick G.  Life
Troop Guide  Nick D.  Life
Troop Scribe  Joe B.  Eagle
Troop Quartermaster  Joey I.  2nd Class
Backup Quartermaster  
Troop Librarian  Kenny B.  Tenderfoot
Troop Historian  Hunter B.  Scout
Chaplain's Aide  Chris L.  Life
OA Representative  Trevor G.  Life
Bugler  Josh M.  Scout
Webmaster  Matt K.  Eagle
Junior Asst. Scoutmaster  Trevor G.  Life
Junior Asst. Scoutmaster  Ryan H.  Eagle
Junior Asst. Scoutmaster  Joe B.  Eagle

Emerald Dragon Patrol

 Position  Scout  Rank
Patrol Leader  Tristan J.  Life
Asst. Patrol Leader  Matt K.  Eagle
Patrol Scribe  Matt K.  Eagle
Patrol Quartermaster  Matt K.  Eagle

Flaming Arrow Patrol
 Position  Scout  Rank
Patrol Leader  Jacob S.  Life
Asst. Patrol Leader  Chris L.  Life
Patrol Scribe  Chris L.  Life
Patrol Quartermaster  Joey I.  2nd Class

 Obsidian Wolves Patrol
 Position  Scout  Rank
 Patrol Leader  Noah F.  Tenderfoot
 Asst. Patrol Leader  Connor Z.  2nd Class
 Patrol Scribe  Muli B.  2nd Class
 Patrol Quartermaster  Patrick S.  Scout

Adult Leadership


Position                                              Name
 Scoutmaster  Greg Sternbach
 Assistant Scoutmaster  Karen Young
 Assistant Scoutmaster  Kent Bahr
 Assistant Scoutmaster  Lorne Deacon
 Assistant Scoutmaster  Chris Lee
 Assistant Scoutmaster  Jim Zahn

Troop Committee

Position Registered Acting

Executive Officer Fr. Roman Stikel
Charter Organization Representative John Moyer
Troop Committee Chair Howard Hickey
Treasurer Paul Francetic
Secretary Carrie Sternbach
Advancement Coordinator Karen Young
Outdoor Activities Coordinator Position Open
Chaplain Position Open Kent Bahr
Training Coordinator Position Open Karen Young
Equipment Coordinator Position Open Greg Sternbach/ Karen Young
Committee Member Mike Mowry
Committee Member Jim Zeszutek
Committee Member Lorne Deacon