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Boy Scout Troop 225
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Boy Scout Troop 225 is located in Clinton Township

Troop Meetings are held weekly on Sunday evenings at 6:30 to 8pm
Winter: Clinton Township Police Station -- Warm Seasons: Clinton/Macomb Public Library Gazebo

The original Troop 225 of Clinton Township was founded, run, and decommissioned. The troop was re-established in April of 2008 with five boys; three boys were Webelos cross-overs from Pack 225, and two boys were new recruits.

We look forward to our annual Court of Honor, and will be providing service in our community, hiking, camping, fishing, canoing, and just generally Scouting around for 2016. We are very interested in hearing about parents who want their sons to have the experiences Scouting has to offer... Our Troop is committed to making Scouting accessible to busy families - Send us a message to our Troop email to begin a dialogue with us! Contact Us

Our Troop is founded on the "old" principals of Scouting... Patrol Method, PROGRAM, learning about the outdoors... while IN the outdoors... Troop 225's program is by the boys, for the boys, and with the boys.

Last year, our PLC decided to put on their own Summer Camp... they hiked over 70 miles for the Hiking Merit Badge. These young men have taken on huge challenges, and have learned the value of leadership, planning (Being Prepared!), having a "Plan B" (and sometimes C, D, E, etc...) and how to take care of themselves and each other in the outdoors.