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Cub Scout Pack 132
(Arlington Heights, Illinois)
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RSVP’ing for an Event

·Click on ‘Event Calendar’

·Navigate to and click on event

·Click on ‘Response’

·Enter response details and click ‘Save’

·You will get a reminder, but add it to your owncalendars! (at the top of the event is a link to add to Outlook)

Send a Broadcast or Personal Message

·Click on ‘Broadcast System’

·Select users/groups, add to recipients list

·Add links/files

·Edit email and click ‘Send Now’ (‘Preview’ willsend you a copy first)

Add Pack / Den Content

(Like information on open events)

·Click on PRIVATE SITE | Welcome

·Click on ‘Add Content’

·Create the article (just like an email)

·Click on ‘Save’

·If the article doesn’t appear just under thewelcome area, click on ‘Organize Content’

·As a leader, you will be able to drag and dropthe content into the right place (right under ‘Welcome to Pack 132’)

·As a parent, you will have to instead send amessage to a Den Leader or the Web Admin to get the content moved

Add Den Content

·Same as adding Pack Content, but start off onyour den’s web page

Changing your Profile / Password

·Click on ‘My Profile’

·Click on ‘Edit Profile’

·Make changes

·Click on ‘Save’

Add a Pack or Den Event

·Click on ‘Event Calendar’

·Click on ‘Add Event’

·Edit event details

·Click on ‘Save’ (or ‘Save and Add Another’)

·NOTE: to clone an existing event (to anadditional date, for example), click on the event and ‘Clone Event’

·NOTE2: add images to the photo album for theevent, afterward!