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Scout Ranks

Here is a quick explanation of some Cub Scout vocabulary for new scout families. 

Pack: All of the dens combined from kindergarten - 5th grade.

Den: The group of scouts separated by age and gender.

Class A Uniform: Dress uniform, Lions have an official T shirt, 1st-3rd wear the blue uniform and 4th &5th wear tan/green.

Class B Uniform: We provide a T-Shirt every year with the pack name. This is often worn at outdoor events.

Webelo: 4th or 5th grade scout, these scouts are working on becoming Boy Scouts. 

Ranks Explained: For new scout families here is a short explanation of cub scouts by rank to help you understand what your scout is. 

Until 2016 Kindergartners were not allowed to participate in Cub Scouts, now the new program "Lions" allows parents and their young scouts to get their feet wet and start out in scouting earlier. Lion scouts might not be able to participate in all of the activities such as shooting sports, they will also most likely not meet as often and will require the most adult participation. Lion parents will need to take turns leading meetings with the help of a Lion Guide.

1st Grade Scouts are considered Tiger Scouts, they will still require adult attendance in all activities and meetings but are now able to wear the official uniform and participate in most activities.

2nd Grade Scouts are Wolves, this year it is optional to attend some events and meetings. Even if your scout is a wolf you still need to be sure to walk them into any meeting or event and pick them up on time. It is highly recommended that someone attends monthly pack meetings since we will cover upcoming events as well as give out awards every month. All camping must still be done as a family.

3rd Grade Scouts are Bears, this is the last year before the move into Webelos and the last year they will wear the blue uniform. All camping must still be done as a family.

4th Grade Scouts are Webelos, this is the time they start to transition from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. They will now wear the tan and green uniform, requirements will be more important and they are able to camp without a parent. 

5th Grade Scouts are still considered Webelo but they are also called Arrow Of Light since they are in the last year before bridging from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout. These scouts will bridge (graduate) in February and join a Boy Scout Troop for the last few months of the school year.