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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Pack 566 is now co-ed from K-5th grade. Note you are the the next grade the day after School Early June = same as in fall.

Where our members live?

Our Pack is centered around the Saratoga / Cupertino and neighboring San Jose and Los Gatos.  We  draw from surrounding neighborhoods especially those feeding into Lynnbrook, Saratoga, Prospect, Cupertino, and Westmont High Schools. We actually have no limits.

Who can join Pack 566?

We take boys and girls in kindergarten 5th grade (Typically ages 5-10). Note that the day after the school year gets out you are considered in the next grade.

When can we join Pack 566?

We accept members year round. There is no need to wait until a certain time of year.

How much does it cost?


Often Kindergarten is a trial of Cub Scouting. Therefore in Pack 566 we offer two choices in Kindergarten uniform; a)simple T-Shirt and baseball cap,  pack T-Shirt and all the program until the fall of the next year. This is $50.  For those who are sure scouting is for them you may also receive the full blue cub uniform for $160.  The pack dues, national membership, insurance,and a monthly Scouting magazine are $160 per calendar year and is somewhat prorated by quarter as  

Grades First through Fifth

The full Cub Scout uniform and insignia  along with a pack T-Shirt with your child's name sewn on costs $160/$180 and can last the entire cub scout program if not outgrown. Each year has a program cost of $55 which includes uniform changes and a deluxe spiral bound program book. The pack dues including awards, race cards, other kits, most costs, national membership, insurance, and a monthly Scouting magazine are $160 per calendar year and is somewhat prorated by quarter. Thus the first year with full uniform is $320-$340. Additional years are then $215 (dues, uniform changes, program materials)

Other Costs

Field Trips and Overnight Trips are optional (we hope you go) and have a fee designed to break even. A donation with a minimum of one dollar is requested each February to offsite local Boy Scout offices and paid staff for the counties of Santa Clara and Monterey.  Although are unit averages a donation of about $100.

When and where are meetings held?

During the school year, there is one Pack meeting per month, usually the 2nd Thursday of the month, lasting about one hour. Pack meetings are at Menlo Church, 20455 Herriman Ave, Saratoga across "Herriman Ave" from Saratoga High School
Dens meet usually twice per month for a one hour meeting and once a month for a field trip. Den meetings may be held on the school grounds, at the park, at a Cubs home, or other location convenient for all members. Field trip locations will vary.
Summer meetings and events are optional trips such as hikes, camping, day-camps, tours, and other fun adventures held at various locales.
*Pack 566 has no religious affiliation with Menlo Church.  We are a multi-denominational unit and all religious requirements are done in the home on your own.

Do parents have to volunteer?

Yes, parents must volunteer as there is no paid leadership in the pack. However, we are flexible in the type and time of volunteering you need to do.

Feel free to contact us now (phone or email) using Left Margin Contact Pack566 LINK.

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524-501-218-Fillable.pdf Pack Adult Application: Fill Out. Save for future updates. Print. Initial Twice. Sign Twice. Turn in paper copy.  
BSA_Medical Form Fillable AB 680-001_AB.pdf Permission Form / Medical form is required for all that attend cub, mom, dad, siblings. Fillable. Save .PDF with changes and send (don't print). Keep a copy for later updates.  
P566 Info Survey Form_Fillable_2019-09-01.pdf P566 Family Info Form. Fillable. Safe .PDF with changes and send (dont print). Keep a copy for later updates.  
P566 Joining Cost_2019-02-23.pdf Pack 566 Joining Cost Worksheet  
P566 Recruitment Newsletter Summer 2018.pdf Summer 2018 Recruitment Newsletter  
Pack 566 - Consider Cub Scouts Flyer_2019-08-13.pdf 2 Page Consider Cub Scouts in Pack 566 Flyer - Great Place to Start.  
Pack 566 Fillable Youth Application_2018-07-08.pdf Pack 566 Youth Application. Fill in using Adobe Reader. Save (not print) and send to us.  
Uniform Sizing_2019-09-03.pdf Uniform Sizing and Choices for youth and adults