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Cub Scout Pack 452
(Greenville, North Carolina)
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This is our annual fundraiser!

Scouts will receive their popcorn order forms at the September 10th Pack meeting.

Our Pack's goal is to sell $7,000.

For your buyers: 
Make checks out to Pack 452.
Popcorn will be delivered to your buyers in mid-November

Individual sales will end October 28th. All money and orders need to be turned in by this date.

We will have several "Show N' Sell" opportunities for Scouts to participate. At a "Show N' Sell," we have popcorn on hand to sale to potential buyers. Scouts who participate in "Show and Sell" events will receive credit towards their popcorn sale total. 

This year the money raised will be split as follows:

35% pays for the popcorn. 

35% goes to the Council to help with their expenses.

30% percent stays here with the Pack. 

The Pack is going to put 50% of the 30% into an individual scout's account with the pack to help pay for the scout's individual pack activities.

So if you sell $100 in popcorn, pay for it and pay your Pack dues. Then you would have $15 to help pay for the camping trips or lock-ins.


Each Scout will receive information showing what was raised to be used for activities. Should, for whatever reason, a Scout leaves the Pack any monies will be returned to the general Pack fund for the betterment of the Pack.

Popcorn Prizes