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At the bottom of this page you will find some useful PDF's, and on the page are some useful websites.

  • How to make knots
  • Boy Scouts Webpage of Forms
  • Attachments
    Icon File Name Comment  
    2012_Eagle_Application.pdf Eagle Scout Application  
    2016IndividualMedicationsAddendumMedicalRecord.pdf Summer Camp Adendum Medical Form  
    2017 Summer Camp Health Form.pdf 2017 Camp Sequassen Medical Form  
    8) Merit Badge Registration Form.pdf Merit Badge Form 2015  
    9) Wilderness Patrol Registration Form.pdf Wilderness Form 2015  
    Boy_Scout_Uniform.pdf Boy Scout Uniform  
    BSA Youth Application.pdf BSA Youth Application  
    Camp Registration Form.pdf Summer Camp Registration Form 2018  
    cooking_philmont_001[1].pdf Philmont Cook Book  
    medical_instruction.pdf Medical Form Instruction Sheet  
    mefical form for events 72hrs or less.pdf Medical form for events 72 hrs or less  
    meritbadgeselectionform2016 for summer camp.pdf Merit Badge Selection Form SUMMER CAMP 2016  
    New_Adult_Leader_Application.pdf Adult Leader Application  
    PC_waiver_Adult.pdf Adult Waiver For Prime Climb  
    PC_waiver_Child.pdf Child Waiver For Prime Climb  
    Summer Camp Medical Form.pdf Summer Camp Medical Form  
    wildernesspatrolregistform2016.pdf Wilderness Patrol Registration Form 2016  
    workbook.pdf Eagle Scout Workbook