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Girl Scout Service Unit 3
(Lake Ronkonkoma, New York)
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Girl Scout Ceremonies

Ceremonies are a wonderful part of the Girl Scout experience that many troop leaders tend to avoid, especially during the earlier years, because of lack of confidence.


On this web page you'll find a sample ceremony.  Many great ceremonies can be found on-line as well. 
Generally there is a copy of the ceremony for each leader & one copy of the individual parts that you cut up to give to each girl for use during the ceremony.  You’ll notice that there are two copies of the girls individual parts below.  The person who made this ceremony did that in case one of the girls lost one.  (Some people use index cards if they have the time to prepare them.)  Just make sure to number each part.  It is not a good idea to put names on the parts because it could be confusing if someone does not show up & it is easier to hand out the parts in order after the girls are lined up.  There is no one right way to do a ceremony and you should feel free to make up your own.  The first one or two times you do one you may want to practice ahead of time.  Some troops do a ceremony like this with just the girls in the earlier part of the year, without parents, and then a patch ceremony at the end of the year with the parents.  Some leaders find this makes the girls more comfortable with ceremonies.  Another way to familiarize the girls with ceremonies is to open each meeting with a simple flag ceremony.  A small/medium flag that you can bring to each meeting can be found at most dollar or discount stores.  After you have done a few ceremonies you may find that practice is not necessary- just a quick run through or explanation before the ceremony will do.  Don’t try to over prepare.  No matter how many practices you have it is experience that makes it go smoother.  The parents and girls always seem to have a positive experience even when mistakes are made.  Don’t  be afraid to guide the girls during the ceremony and don’t pressure yourself to try to make everything perfect. 


Please do remember that if you are using lit candles you must have a bucket of water nearby but where it won’t be tripped over. 


If you are still feeling unsure about having your own ceremony why not ask an older troop or a team member to come and help you plan and execute one.  We are all here to help not only the girls but also to support each other.

Flag Ceremony

Attached is a copy of a formal flag ceremony
Icon File Name Comment  
Flag Ceremony.jpg  

Investiture/Rededication Ceremony

Leaders at front girls outside ceremony area singing softly “Make New Friends"
Flag will also be in the ceremony area
Girls walk in one at a time and shake hands with each leader then take their place in a horshoe



Leader: We will now honor our country and Girls Scouts by saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout law
All recite Pledge of Allegiance

All recite Girl Scout Promise


Leader: We will now remember the values we treasure through the Girl Scout law
Eleven girls each recite one part of law (see below)


Leader: We live by the Girl Scout Motto


One girl recites the motto (see below)

Leader: We are proud of the Girl Scout Slogan
One girl recites the slogan (see below)

Each girl is called up one at a time to receive their patches

Leader: We are very proud of all your accomplishments and look forward to continuing to learn new things and have new experiences together.  We hope you are having as much fun as we are. We also hope you remember your sister girl scouts on Thinking Day which is February 22nd.

We will now end our ceremony with the friendship circle.  Begin with ____________ who is closest to the exit.  As you squeeze your sisters’ hand please turn slowly out of the circle and quietly exit the ceremony area.




 (numbered 1)    I will do my best to be
 (numbered 2)   
Honest and fair
 (numbered 3)   
Friendly and helpful
 (numbered 4)    Considerate and caring
 (numbered 5)   
Courageous and strong
 (numbered 6)    And responsible for what I say and do
 (numbered 7)    And to respect myself and others
 (numbered 8)    Respect authority
 (numbered 9)   
Use resources wisely
 (numbered 10)  To make the world a better place
 (numbered 11) 
And be a sister to every Girl Scout



Girl Scout Motto

“Be prepared”



Girl Scout Slogan

“Do a good turn daily”


I will do my best to be



Honest and fair



Friendly and helpful



Considerate and caring



Courageous and strong



And responsible for what I say and do



And to respect myself and others



Respect authority



Use resources wisely



To make the world a better place



And be a sister to every Girl Scout



Girl Scout Motto

“Be prepared”



Girl Scout Slogan

“Do a good turn daily”

Bridging Ceremonies

Bridging Ceremony ideas and scripts.
Icon File Name Comment  
2016 SU Bridging ceremony.doc  
bridging ceremony ideas.doc