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Girl Scout Service Unit 3
(Lake Ronkonkoma, New York)
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General Information for Leaders

Meeting place

Before your troop can meet you must get the sight approved.  The Service Unit will help you choose and get approval for a meeting sight.  The district requires prior approval for anyone planning to use a school for meetings or functions.  Please do not contact the school or the district.  The person in charge of building usage will provide you with the necessary forms and check availability for you.  Wherever you meet, you should make sure you have all of the proper paperwork showing you are entitled to meet at that place and time with you.


Before you meet with your troop you need to make sure the paperwork for each girl is in order.  Each girl must be registered as a Girl Scout. 

You should have a Troop Meeting Release form for each girl.  It is also a good idea to have a Blanket Permission Slip for each girl in case you need to switch rooms or go outside the building, never leaving the grounds of the facility.  These forms should be at every meeting.

You are also required to have a first aid kit at each meeting which should include each girls Health History as well as a couple of Accident/Injury reports.  At least one leader should get first aid training.  Check Happenings or ask a team member about class schedules.  It is absolutely acceptable to use troop funds to pay for first aid classes.


Leader Meetings

Leader meetings are an important source for information about what the Service Unit and Council are planning.  It is also a great place to exchange ideas and to get or give advice and support when needed.  If one of the leaders in your troop cannot make a meeting you should send a parent in your place.  Meetings are generally once a month. 

Electronic Communications
The Service Unit also communicates regularly via e-mail and Facebook. 
You can search for the group: Girl Scouts of Suffolk County Service Unit 3.  This group is open to all leaders, parents and Girl Scouts in our Service Unit.  We encourage you to invite your girls and parent to join this group if they are active on Facebook.  Membership will be approved as soon as possible.  New members may be asked for their troop number to verify eligibility. 
Contact the Electronic Communications team member or Coordinator to find out how to get added to the e-mail group.

Team Meetings
Team meetings are open to all.  Attending is a great way to get to know the team members and find out if you are interested in taking on a team position.

Games and Activity Ideas

Share creative game and activity ideas by contacting
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