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Boy Scout Troop 162
(Arlington, Virginia)
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Troop 162 ceremonies and committee documents

    Attached are the  ceremonies  used by Troop 162 since 1945. 

    Investiture has been used for every scout that has joined Troop 162. 

    The Eagle Court of Honor is designed for use with the Eagle Light Box.  Troop 162 ASM Dick Meyers had one but he gave it to NCAC for other troops to borrow.  Point of contact at NCAC  to borrow it from can be reached at (301) 214-9180. 

    A Fond Mother Watches has been said at all Eagle Court of Honors.  We try to have the Scout's mother read it. 
    One Hundred Scouts has also been said at all Eagle Court of Honors.


Icon File Name Comment  
A Fond Mother Wathces a.doc A Fond Mother Watches  
Copy of Eagle Court of Honor Eagle Oath.pdf Eagle Court of Honor Oath and ceremony with Eagle Lignt Box used  
One Hundred Scouts.docx One Hundred Scouts  
TROOP 162 NEW SCOUT INVESTITURE CEREMONY.docx Investature Ceremony to officially welcome new scouts into Troop 162