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True stories from Paul Harvey radio program

Many of the stories I tell are from the collection of Paul Harvey's radio program.  Check out story number 10, titled actor on death row.

Link to the collection of stories cam be found on

Story number 10 tells about an actor found on death row
Story number 596 is about a WW II hero
Story number 83 is about Bob Hope
Story number 537 is about pennies.

     There is one interesting story about the President of the  United States, who is not listed in the school history books, but was in fact the legal President of the United States.  Listen to story number 383.  I originally thought it was by a President who passed his powers to the Vice President for a short time like while being in the hospital.  No so. 

   All of Paul Harvey's stories have been researched and are true stories.

Mike Ingles