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Cub Scout Pack 231
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)
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“Communication is key.” and it is definitely true. Communication is really important to being able to do what you want to do. Pack 231 has started using a program called “Scoutlander” which has great potential for keeping the pack organized and informed. However, it can only work if people know how to use it. So here are the basics.

Our pack website is at This address gets you to the PUBLIC SITE, where you will find the publicly available pages about the pack and scouting, information on religious emblems, the BSA medical form, etc. There is a lot of useful information here, and all scout families should spend some time looking at these pages to learn about scouting in Pack 231. Once you have an account, you can log in to see the Private Site from here.

To access our PRIVATE SITE, which contains information and photos only pack members can see, as well as the system for emailing, you need an invitation and a password. Everyone returning should already have gotten the invitation. New people will get it soon. You will have 5 days to accept the invitation. If you need a new invitation, email the site administrator (Michael LaFave – Use the invitation to get to Scoutlander and log on. Tell it you want to stay logged on. Then put your password in a safe place and forget about it. Thereafter, you can just go to and select your site, which will be Pack 231. You no longer need to use the longer site address and enter the password, as long as you stay logged in.

If you would like the notices and reminders to go to a second email account for the same person, you can add it in MyProfile (see below). If you would like to add a second parent (which is a good idea), email the site administrator with the name and email address and ask for an invitation.


The first thing you see after Welcome is Rank Requirements. Select it and choose the rank on which your son is working. All scouts begin with the Bobcat badge. Tigers are in first grade, Wolves are in second grade, Bears in third grade, and Webelos in fourth and fifth grade. The rank requirements have been annotated to provide suggestions for what to do and places to go in our area. If you print it out, do it in color so the suggestions are obvious.

Next look at My Profile. After selecting it you should see your name. Click Edit Profile in the upper right corner. You can add a second email address if you have more than one. Scroll down until you see Phone and Address and fill in your personal information so that other pack members can call you and find your house when necessary. When you are finished, click Save in the bottom right corner.

If you would like another parent to receive emails and have access to the website, give the site administrator (Michael LaFave) the person’s name and email address and ask for an invitation. It is always good to have contact information for both parents, if possible.

The Event Calendar is your gateway to life in Pack 231. When you click on Event Calendar, you get the calendar page for the current month. You can use the options on top to jump to any month you want, including past months. Clicking on an event brings you to a new page with the Event Info, Date and Time and date to RSVP by at the top. There is also a button for a Photo Album, to which you can upload and view photos of the event after it occurs, and download any photos you want. Please put your photos up so we can all l see. Den leaders should put all den events on the calendar. You will get a reminder two days ahead of time for any event that is applicable to you or your son.

Scroll down and find Attachments related to the event. This is where you will any Word documents related to the event.

Next you find the list of Scout Participants when an RSVP is required. This is where you sign up for the event, or RSVP. Each scout invited (by den or the whole pack) is listed here alphabetically. Find your son and click the on the blue Response link. Use the keys to indicate the number of Scouts, Siblings, and Adults planning to attend the event. Write any note needed in the box, and click Save. The total number of Scouts, Siblings, and Adults signed up will be at the bottom of the screen. Make sure to send in or bring your check for the treasurer if there is a cost.

The Broadcast System allows you to send email to the whole pack, specific dens, or selected individuals. Any parent can send email - scout purposes only. Begin by selecting your group or individuals. Next, you can link to an event on the calendar. Step 3 allows you to attach a file to your email. Once you Choose File, make sure to Upload the file. In Step 4, you give your email a Subject and write your message. You can Preview the finished email – it will actually send you a copy of the email. Then go back and Send Now.

If you need someone’s address or phone number, do an Adult Search or a Scout Search. As long as that person has updated their profile, you will find home and cell phones and addresses.