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Cub Scout Pack 231
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)
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Contact Information

Pack 231 Popcorn Kernel
Michael Imel
28164 Wildwood Trail
Farmington Hills, MI 48336-2157

Assist Kernel
Position Open
This position will help with the organization of Show and Sales and will help with warehouse runs and product organization

Please contact the Kernel if you have questions regarding this years sale!

Popcorn Sales Goals
Pack goal/scout - $400
You are also encouraged to set a personal goal, regardless of Pack goal!

Pack Dues for Calendar Year (Jan - Dec) cost $80.00.

Pack 231 only has one fundraiser as year, Popcorn.  Each Scout is requested to sell popcorn.  Those Scouts who choose not to sell Our goal is for each scout to sell $400.00 in popcorn, however their are incentives if you sell more popcorn than the minimum.

    Sell    $1,000.00    No Cost To Join
    Sell    $800.00        $20.00
    Sell    $600.00        $40.00
    Sell    $300.00        $60.00
    Sell    <$300          $80.00 

The annual popcorn fundraiser raises money that covers 75% of our annual budget! The money helps to pay for all of our activities, awards, dinners, and more. What's more, the fundraiser gives our Cub Scouts a chance to learn, develop, and use communication skills that will help them for rest of their life. As a parent do your best to get your Cub Scout motivated to sell Scouting Adventures and support Pack 231.

Useful links:

Key Info(attachment below) Take Order Form Trails End Website

Guidelines for the Store Sales:

Please initially signup for one hour.  I'll monitor and let folks know if we need additional sign ups.

Mix the Scouts by Den each hour.

Wear your Class A Uniform



At the end of the day I will divide up the total sales equally among the Scouts that participated.  If a Scout happens to get a 2nd hr, he will get 2x.

This way there is no competition for the "best" hour.



It will be a great idea to have the Scout bring a poster with them to show what they do with Scouting that they enjoy.

Scout Take Sales:

Contact the Kernel if you'd like to take out Popcorn to take Door to Door.  I will consider this sold to your Scout, but I will take it back in good condition by Tuesday Oct. 23rd.

Icon File Name Comment  
Lanigan 2018 Popcorn Key Info.docx Key dates for the 2018 season.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Take Order”?
The “Take Order” method is just like it sounds. The Scout goes door to door with a Take Order Form (or Mom and Dad take order forms to work). The Customer writes his/her order on the form. The Scout delivers the popcorn in November and collects the money from the Customer

Show and Deliver (Starter Kit):
The Scouts were given an allotted amount of popcorn at the beginning of the sale to have product on-hand as they took orders. This is also referred to as the “Show-n-Deliver” method. Some customers may prefer to receive their order now instead of waiting until late November. This will allow the Scout to complete the sale on the spot. The customer receives the order and the Scout receives payment so there is no need to return.

What are the due dates?
Please refer to the Key Info document above for all the Key Dates you need to know.

What about checks?
Customers can pay by cash or check. Checks should be made payable to Pack 231. However, to make it easier when turning in your popcorn money, please write one check to Pack 231 for the cash you received.

How to sign up for Online Selling

1. Go to this info page @ Trails End to learn the steps. 

Note: You will want to assign your Scout to: Michigan Crossroads - 4 Ottawa - Pack 231
It will not state Lanigan.  Once complete, email the Kernel to verify you have made the correct connection t the Pack. 

2. Create your own Scout page and copy in email addresses

3. Start by sending emails to 10 friends and family about supporting your Scouting activities.

REMEMBER: The Pack gets 50% of these sales!